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I’m finally back to my computer after a forced rest. You missed me, I know, don’t say otherwise.

First of all, I wish you a good return to school and especially in the current sanitary conditions, do not take any risks by protecting yourself, but COVID will not prevent the resumption of our little chatting around a good hot chocolate, so I miss it. I’m even looking forward to confessing everything to you.

To get a good start this year, we made a brief update on the current files. I know I’m retired, but no one will be surprised to know that I am unable to stay and do nothing, and the last few weeks have proven that. As I said in my previous post, I am hyperactive, so when I am forced to turn my thumbs, I get bored and become obnoxious to my entourage (yes, G., that’s what my charm does…). So, I resumed one activity (yes, Mitch, several with a few previous mandates)…

But the confinement and some personal problems made me realize that I wanted a new, calmer life with my family of heart. Indeed, for more than 10 years, I work every day without taking holidays, weekends, with the constant stress of appeasing investors and keeping the—sometimes untenable—calendars of projects. I wanted to choose my files, take the time to carry them to the end, to enjoy myself by staying in the areas I love.

I also aspire to land permanently somewhere. Living between two continents, between three countries and so in suitcases all the time makes me feel like I’m nowhere at home. I did not know where I was when I woke up many times. I would like to build a little cocoon where I could land with my little cat family, maybe be able to bring mini-me into my life… So I had to make choices … and it took me time so that I would not hurt anyone and make the right decisions for my future and have no regrets.

So you have to ask yourself what my next projects are. Little curious!!! But, as I love you, I’m going to lift the veil on what’s waiting for me in the next few months.

Patoune Editions—My publishing house will fly away in the next few hours to settle in the United States. We had all prepared for the launch on September 15 in Belgium, but we had to realize that the market for two of our collections was on this side of the Atlantic. In addition, we had the support of the biggest broadcaster there while in Europe we had to build our broadcast, which takes a lot of time. Besides, I wanted to be present at the heart of the action, so the USA was imposing itself on us. We delayed the launch to transfer the printing press and offices in Patoune to my American premises (by the way, I thank others for welcoming us with open arms and hugging each other a little).

o Rather Be — The publication of the first volume of my novel is therefore delayed for a few weeks, but it doesn’t matter. I will take advantage of this to calmly finish the rereading of the US version so that everything will come out at the same time. For the occasion, a new website and also a new cover will improve this first baby of Patoune.

o Pageant—Nothing changes. The encyclopedia started at the beginning of the confinement quietly follows its way man. The collection will be expanded with eight other titles programmed over the next two years. We can see far away at Patoune’s.

World Pageant Network—WPN will bring together all my activities related to beauty contests.

o Inside Pageant—I’ve always loved working in the backstage of competitions where I have developed some expertise for more than 10 years now. My numerous interviews for the encyclopedia and my research clearly showed me that there was a missing magazine open to all competitions and taking a different look at this environment, not hesitating to denounce the mess of some, the misappropriation of others through reports. This project will be supervised by Patoune Editions before taking off with a rise in power to arrive on your screens with documentaries.

o WikiPageant—Make a Wikipedia open to all beauty contests. Everyone will be able to show what they are doing in order to show the diversity that exists in this environment. We will only check the legality of the contests covered in order to denounce all scams via Inside Pageant.

o Project R—This project is still in its embryonic state, so I’ll let it mature before I talk to you about it.

Project C. and M. —These two projects have been on my desk since 2008, but I didn’t have the time to develop them. The first is a sector where competition is raging. So you’ll have to wait a few weeks for us to finalize the first contracts and be able to show you the first tests. For the second, it will only come out of the ground in two years so as not to run after time and above all to take the time to amass, to collect the elements necessary for its opening. The premises have been available for five years, so they are not within two years.

—Gastronomic Project—I reassure everyone, even though I can boast of being a good cook, I don’t have the skills to run a brigade in a kitchen. I’m just going to support little ones by investing in the development of a franchise concept. This small restaurant has served me as a canteen for over a year with a quality of products.

As you have just realized, my creativity has not died and it has already filled my pensioner’s income, especially since I keep my American companies, those related to beauty contests and events. The boys insured during my absence and confinement.

As you have now understood, my activities always bring me back to my family of heart. Even if I leave friends here in France and Belgium, I will settle for longer with my American friends and return to Europe only episodic. Luckily, the phone (yes, my dear accountant, the bill may be salty, but WhatsApp and Skype will lighten it, I reassure you) exists to keep in touch. I will welcome the bravest open arms and a room will be waiting for them as soon as they want to visit the vast lands.


La Puce


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