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No, I have not abandoned you, but the different vagaries of life have kept me far enough from this blog. January has passed and I did not come to this blog once, so you worried… I apologize.

I like to write to entertain you, but for weeks, I haven’t had a minute of mine even though I’m retired. It must be said that during this first month, nothing was spared me between the disease of a teddy bear with its hospitalization, the management of the house, the various projects that had to be organized, but also to manage the delays… Before I realized, the month had gone…

Am I okay? I don’t know, I don’t even ask myself the question, I don’t have time. In recent weeks, I just feel like I’m running a marathon, but at the pace of a sprint.

In this madness, I can count on my heart family and my cats… One little last, Pixel arrived in the family. He had to go to a nice family that booked him, but they never came to pick him up and did not answer the phone anymore from the moment he had to come and pick him up. But promised, the family will not grow anymore, because to transport them, it’s a galley. I remind you that I have not yet discovered the theory of cloning and that my days only have 24 hours…

From today, I would do one post a day. When I miss time, I could just put you a few words, a photo that will have intrigued me… For crying office posts, they do not disappear, but I will write them when I have more time in general on weekends.


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