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In settling on the other side of the Atlantic, I had to meet new habits. Adapting to this culture was easier than I thought by laying foot on American soil. I must admit that the boss has helped me well, but I have always been careful to keep my French particularism… I love my bad character, and especially my little flaws, which make all my charm (if, if I assure you, you will see it with time). So let’s take a tiny turn into the heart of my little imperfections you love (I know, don’t hide behind a false modesty).

The first (and not least) according to you is my propensity to grind like all the French. So, first of all, I do not rattle, I express myself, as simple as that. I’m not going to eat my health, cover myself with pimples and plates, keeping to me what I think. As a result, I openly and to the cantonade what I feel, even if it is not happy at the moment. But, as you probably noticed, I’m not resentful, so once it’s said, I turn the page and move on.

Yes, Mitch, I already hear you say that I become unbearable as soon as I get out of sleep… unlike you, capable of partying all night and holding a meeting the next day at dawn without even being ironed by her apartment (you have to admit that you have years of experience… and a little care assistant). But, I revolt, because it’s not true, I just grumble (okay, it’s not nice for others, but that way, they know it’s not the day to tickle me too closely).

And so you understand why I always place a sofa in my offices. I can go through it to inspect the inside of my eyelids and rest my batteries as soon as the need arises. I see you all digging your neurons to remember my last nap. So don’t burn them unnecessarily and yes, Doudou, I know that 10:00 is not the nap time. It’s not my fault that I am unable to sleep in the middle of the day and the only one who succeeded this feat is no longer ours and needed the help of the late Beethoven (I miss this big teddy bear).

At that point, why have a sofa in his office? Will you tell me… in case!!! Then I love to snuggle myself in a soft place. My dear big brother, I invite you immediately to forget the question that burns your tongue, to remove that lubrous smile from your lips and not to dial Doudou’s number… So avoid losing energy, but if you have a little time between two pullets, you can take your phone to call me… It will make me very happy.

I reassure everyone, my couch does not take dust, because I love myself more in it than I sit at my desk. I think this is the best place to work. I know you’re always horrified when you see me with my files scattered on the floor and around me, my cell phone on my lap. But this is how my creativity is best expressed. The first one who says I don’t have any is dead. I hear from here the sighs of Doudou who had to suffer for months the invasion of papers in our bed before he put a veto with the threat of a galipette strike. He knew how to get what he wanted. So, I admit that after the couch, the bed is my second desk. Between the cats, my computer and my files, luckily it’s king size.

Titi, my former deputy, was admiring my lack of order. No, I’m not messy, I just love the organized chaos that surrounds me and that’s one of the reasons why I don’t have an assistant, in addition to my independence. In this mess, I’m more productive than in a tidy universe and I know perfectly where everything is… Well, sometimes it takes a little time or thought to find them, but I never lose anything, unlike some, and everything is in my brain. So don’t panic until my neurons reset.

Keep in mind that I am leading several cases simultaneously. I admit that I can go from rooster to donkey, that following me can be difficult from time to time, especially when an idea comes to me in the middle of the night. Millefeuille has just made the bitter experience with Patoune Éditions. No, I’m not hyperactive, I just have a brain unable to survive more than 45 minutes of meeting or film, because it constantly rotates on many topics and sometimes a wonderful idea (or not) emerges. I have to get it out, put it on the paper to make me feel good… I know that receiving emails in the middle of the night is not pleasant. Made like Bimbo, who realized I don’t expect an immediate response from you. I only need to relieve my neurons in order to be able to sleep or to move on to another occupation, so don’t stick to it, if your phone pages in the middle of the night, because I didn’t think about the time. I don’t always know what time zone I’m on.

Well, let’s stop this self flagellation for today, the list of my shortcomings is still too long and it’s good to keep a little mystery. But you realize how great I am!


La Puce

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