Regular Ass Plan or Sexfriend?

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Following my previous post, in which I gave you the definition and differences between a Q plan and a sex friend, some languages have been untied … and the question—can a Q plan be regular without becoming a sex friend?—led me to question myself for a few days, until a discussion with Tigrou. The latter is a great expert on crushs of all kinds like my big brother.


What are the differences between the Regular Q Plan (PQR) and the Sex friend?


The regular Plan Q is defined itself by its name, it is simply a butt plane, a relationship based solely on the physical and pleasure of the flesh in all its forms. The two partners only see each other when they have a desire or a need to meet and once their little business is done, each goes back to their path after a simple “See you next!”


Sex friends, meanwhile, is practiced between two people who share more things than just a physical relationship. They can go to the movies or go to a restaurant before they make some cheerful. They see each other outside the room and often belong to the same circle of friends. Sometimes you can take them for a couple so much they are close or connected. But don’t ever tell them they’re in a relationship. These are two friends who enjoy each other in and out of bed.


What is the value of these practices?

To put it straight, the main interest of these practices is to have someone available and consenting in their repertoire that can be called whenever you want to have fun and have no partner in sight. This allows you to take some training between two relationships and avoid taking dust. This also avoids using only small toys. Nothing replaces the contact of the skin…


The second (and not least) interest is not to share your daily life with someone, just the right moments. You can forget the headaches to find out who is going to do and pay for the groceries or take down the garbage. You only enjoy the advantages of the couple without the inconvenience or routine.


The third interest is to be sure to fly to the seventh sky during your swing, because you have chosen yourself. If you see each other regularly, it is because you have fun in bed and you are on the same wavelength. In addition, since you only meet when you wish, you can forget the slightest fake excuse to dodge the trifle, when you are not in the mood, just like your partner’s butcher’s because you refuse to do so.


It is also important to be able to test new practices with confidence. You are free to express yourself without risk of judgment! In addition, everyone can stop the relationship as soon as they want, as soon as they feel bad about it, and in addition, without having to explain the reasons for the decision.


What are the rules to follow?


In regular Q plans, no feeling between the two protagonists. But in the context of sex friends, one can play with fire, because there is a certain affection between the two people and so at any time, one of them may start to feel non-reciprocal feelings.


My experts advise not to have fun every night with the same person, even let it pass for one to two weeks before beating again under a duvet, varying the places and times. This is where there is a noticeable difference between PQR/Sex friend and lovers. Indeed, married people who go to other places may enter a certain routine for practical reasons. For example, in their busy diary, they only have Friday lunch for fun, unlike a regular Plan Q or a sex friend. You thus avoid routine appointments, since it is the feeling and envy that makes you pick up your phone to propose something to the other and not a date on one calendar. By the way, we don’t talk about “date” as part of a regular Plan Q or a sex friend. This word resonates too much like something officials. Everyone has their own pun to define when they are going to spend with each other.


All this means having several files on fire at the same time, as my experts tell me. By the way, I want to pull my hat to my friend Hieu who manages to juggle seven girls at the same time. What health and what memory, my friend!!!


The question that inevitably arises then is whether you need to warn your Q plans or your sex friends that you see other people in parallel. I am in favor of total transparency in this area, but everyone needs to assess their situation in order to adapt to the person they are having fun with. Some prefer not to say anything to avoid the slightest jealousy and therefore the headshots that risk looming on the horizon…


The rule in this type of relationship: no jealousy, no remarks about each other’s gambling partners, no embarrassing questions and so no problems. You are here only to have fun and that’s what you Gonna do, that’s what you MUST do.


What’s the future with regular Q Plans and sex friends?


The regular Plan Q can slowly drift towards the sex friend rarely the opposite, as your partner may not understand why there is only trifle between you.


A sex friend may eventually lead to a romantic relationship or even a marriage. But, keep your head cool, this happens only very rarely. Even if you have a perfect mastering of Kamasutra, this is not a solid foundation to consider embarking on the adventure of a couple’s life. It takes much more than the pleasure under the duvet to move forward together. No?


In addition, until now you’ve only seen yourself “for the better” and linking your daily life can make you fall from your seventh sky. Didn’t you know he was letting his laundry drag around the house? Now you know that. You didn’t know that his culinary skills were limited to warming up a frozen dish and still it’s not even hot? Now you know that.


It also happens that despite the birth of feelings between the two partners, the latter refuse to move on for fear of losing their complicity or friendship so important to them. And it is also possible that the regular Plan Q remains the PQR and the sex friend remains the sex friend! Why want to change a winning team?


So on your side it’s PQR or sex friends?



La Puce


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