Some regrets in love

in Under the Duvet

Valentine’s Day is approaching and a wave of wave to the soul has invaded me. I remember with great nostalgia the one that Doudou had organized me a few years ago.

He had filled my desk with heart-shaped balloons and a few gifts were waiting for me, including a card with a romantic weekend proposal with Beethoven, our four-legged teddy bear. In hindsight, the best moment in our history.

G. asked me a few months ago if I regretted our couple. I had kicked a touch, but I can confess that I miss Doudou terribly. He put a knife on our contract and I had no choice to let him leave my hive. In hindsight, I think if he hadn’t taken it, I’d always be with him.

Even though I still have feelings for him, I don’t see myself sticking up the pieces, because he really screwed up, and he knows it well. In addition, my grandmother often told me that love is like an egg, when it breaks it is difficult to put the pieces together. Certainly, we remained very close, I always trust in him. During our almost weekly calls and daily exchanges, he continues to regret, but he now owns a family. As you know so well, I never do anything I would not want to be done to me and I refuse to break my family.

I’m probably an idiot, because he’s not happy in the household and I miss him. But I don’t want to get the lightning of her son’s mother, who needs these two parents. With time and my return to Atlantic City, we’ll see what will happen… but he will have to regain my confidence and it’s not won…

Case to follow…


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