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Thanksgiving is coming soon… This is the most important party in the United States, which takes place every year on the fourth Thursday of November. Despite this pandemic, my big brother in heart took his tickets to join me so that we can celebrate it together, while plane tickets are really not given at this time of year, since many Americans use this means of transport to return to their families for this long weekend.

For almost 25 years, I have been attached to this party, which does not respond to any commercial code. We are just glad to gather around a turkey to give thanks for the past year. No commercial outbid, since we do not exchange any gifts. We just take the time to be together to always eat the same menu and follow the same schedule.

We spend much of our day cooking astronomical quantities, so we have leftovers for the whole weekend. Theoretically, the Thanksgiving meal is a dinner, but its schedule depends on everyone. Some will start to taste it, while others will get to the table very late around 20H. I remind you that the usual dinner schedule in the United States is rather around 18:30.

At home, we start the day before with a festive dinner in front of the beginning of our Harry Potter marathon. In the early morning, I tackle our favorite volatile. It takes a little time to brown without drying it out by watering it regularly. Behind my stoves, the boys accompany me to do the clerks, but especially to chat, laugh and watch Macy’s parade. We lose all notion of time every time we’re all together, and above all we don’t talk about work, it’s forbidden.

The menu is the same, year after year, as in all American homes. There are some variations in the side dishes and the making of Cranberry sauce according to states, but the turkey has the honors of the table. Any other dish would be sacrilegious. There are some culinary aberrations, such as the roasted chamallows on potatoes… No comments.

Thanksgiving dessert is my excellent pumpkin pie accompanied by an apple pie, chocolate marshmallows and some macaroons (to honor my French origins). In general, before we get to dessert, we can no longer and we have only one desire : commting in front of the last Harry Potter in the sofa.

I need to know that I need my family to spend Thanskgiving who has always been getting me into a small depression for 20 years, since this is the time when I’ve experienced the most terrible of the hardships a woman can experience. So I am grateful to my big brother for making the trip despite COVID.

Today, I go looking for a turkey and in France it’s not an easy thing


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