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Tomorrow is Thanksgiving, the American holiday that combines with the word overmeasure. The proof in a few numbers…

1621. This is the date of the first Thanksgiving. The event celebrates the first harvest of the Pilgrim Fathers, landed from the Mayflower a year earlier. They owe their survival to the Wampanoag tribe, who taught them how to grow corn. It was not until 1863 that Abraham Lincoln made it a national holiday held on the 4th Thursday of November.

10. This is the number of countries around the world that celebrate Thanksgiving.

116.7 million. This is the number of American households celebrating Thanksgiving every year.

51 million. This is the number of Americans who will go beyond 50 miles to join their family for Thanksgiving.

4500. This is the average number of calories Americans consume on D-Day. Turkey, squash and the famous cranberry sauce are for something.

46 million. This is the number of turkeys that are killed each year to satisfy the ferocious appetite according to PETA.

7.25 kg. This is the average weight of the turkeys present on the table of Americans.

$22.74. This is, in dollars, the average price of a turkey of 7.25 kilos, or 20 euros.

90%. This is the percentage of Americans who will eat turkey this weekend.

40 kgs. This is the weight of the largest turkey in the world registered in the Guinness of Records in 1989.

40 million. This is the number of green bean pans served each year at Thanksgiving. Yes, we don’t just eat fries.

310 million. This is the weight of cranberries (cranberries) produced in the United States and used in the stuffing and sauce of Thanksgiving turkey.

50 million. This is the number of pumpkin pies that should be tasted this Thursday.

164 million. This is the number of people who go shopping during the long Thanksgiving weekend. In the United States, Black Friday mobilized 116 million people looking for good deals in 2016.

4.45 billion. That is, in dollars, the amount that will be spent by the homes on the National Day.

96. This is the number of the famous Macy’s parade that took place (including the 2020 one)

3.5 million. This is the number of badauds who should gather on the streets of New York on the occasion of the famous Macy’s parade.

Happy Thanksgiving. 


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