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A few people asked me some details about the title of my novel. Indeed, if you translate Rather Be, it gives rather … an enigmatic strand as a title. But, in fact, it was not necessary to translate it, but refer to the lyrics of the song of the English band, Clean Bandit.

As many of you know, I often write listening to music and, of course, my playlist contains a few tracks from my favorite band Pentatonix. However, this band took over Rather Be in 2014 in a version that they always challenged me. The words resonated in me with images of my family that imposed themselves on my mind. It’s quite simple, I had the impression that this title had been written by observing what I had been living with my boys for years.

Our friendship with these gentlemen dates back to our academic years. Together we overcame many obstacles together, but especially the boys allowed me to become the free young woman, who loves to have fun. I will be eternally grateful to them for their support and caring love.

Even with our differences, we are still one in this family of heart. Week after week, we talk to each other on the phone or via social networks. Regardless of the distance that separates us, we are always there for each other, even if we cross oceans to come and support the one in difficulty. We love each other as brothers and sisters and distance has never weakened our feelings.

As Rather Be tells of my life with the boys, the title of this song has established itself as the guiding thread of the different volumes. As simple as that. See you next December 15…


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