Perfect gift for Valentine’s Day ?

in Under the Duvet

Our breaks have resumed with my colleagues and what a pleasure to be around a chocolate, even if it’s still virtual with most! Our current conversations are about Valentine’s Day of course. I heard my comrades make assumptions about the gifts they were going to receive from their valentine. Bimbo obviously told us of his desires for galipettes and some novelties in terms of sex toys. She gave me a little lesson on everything I missed because of the containment. I’m very late in catching up…

I think I disappointed her when I told her that the only gift I longed for is time. I explain myself. No present will replace the memories of two moments and that’s all I ask of my kings. I just dream of having a weekend without a phone, without chasing after time. A small bubble of sweetness where we take care of each other with the only watchword: pleasure. It has no price. I love spending time basking with the one I love in front of a series, cuddling, cooking for the other… Doing simple things that we don’t do in ordinary times, because our schedules are dancing, but together. I’d love not having to go out and stay in this bubble until Monday.

A good Valentine’s Day for me is therefore not measured in terms of gifts, but listening and availability. It is not very expensive and it makes me terribly happy.

And you, what’s your perfect Valentine’s Day?


La Puce

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