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After some technical problems and especially a lot, but a lot of work… I am back on this blog more regularly with lots of ideas to fill it. It must be said that I resumed writing with my upcoming literary project, but this will be the subject of a next post. A little more patience…

Last week, one of our trainees was dumped by her boyfriend and she was at the height of despair… We cheered her up, explaining that life was in front of her and that she had time to find shoes at her foot. I told her that the feeling of love can disappear and in this case it is better to stop the relationship before it causes pain. This young man did it at least in a clean way by doing it face to face and clarifying the reasons for this separation. He told her that she was not responsible, but that he no longer saw a future for their couple.

It gave me the idea of making the list of the worst breakdowns:

  • The Ghost Break

The person disappears overnight from your daily lives and networks. It blocks you everywhere: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter (with blocking for added security), but also emails (filtering and instant trash), and mobile phone (systematically toggle to answering machine).

This is the breakup of the cowards in my opinion.

  • Breaking by text

Rather than facing a difficult discussion, he sends you a small text message like this: “JTe kit. Dsl.” Steep way of doing things, but very clear, but above all very loose.

  • Breaking up in mode upside down world

After a moment in love, he announces you on the doorstep that your relationship is coming to an end before disappearing.

  • Breakage by courier

Sending your little sister or best friend is the solution for men who lack courage, but want things to be clear. (Personal message: I always hated doing this because I had to spend hours comforting them and apologizing for your lack of courage.)

Breaking with excuses-rivers, but above all false

I found so bad ass when we give as an excuse for breaking: “I don’t believe in us anymore”; “you will find someone better than me”; or even his “I have lived our story thoroughly, but I miss a little something…”

  • The break we don’t expect at all

I’m dying to spend a whole weekend with him, but the idea doesn’t seem to delight him.

He constantly pushes back, then one day, while I wait on the threshold with my suitcase, ready to board for Rome, Venice or La Tranche-sur-Mer, he announces that he has something important to tell me. A marriage proposal, so fast? Not at all.

At this point of intimacy, Badger considers it useful to tell me that he already has a girlfriend. And say I thought it was me! It’s crazy how deceptive appearances are! So there, he is forced to stop, because it becomes too complicated for him, especially at the planning level.

  • Breaking by the casting error

“It doesn’t work with you, but rest assured, it won’t work with anyone else.” Yes, he prefers men.

And you, what’s your worst breakup?


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