Young woman of 44, I stop there, it looks too much like a little dating announcement. Curious about life, my existence takes place on both sides of the Atlantic for professional reasons, but also because I don’t like monotony. I need to create, that it moves constantly otherwise I get bored.

I designed this blog to reassure my friends, to avoid writing 1000 times the same mail (I know copy-paste exists) and also to share my astonishments, my discoveries. It would be good in these times for everyone to accept themselves with their shortcomings, their differences (so rewarding).

During my travels, I write to pass the time as well as to evacuate certain wounds that life has made me. My first fiction will be published soon. I will keep you informed on this page of all my literary elucubrations.

Concerning my hive, I assume myself always and again. I like to have fun under the duvet and I’m not ashamed of it. I’m polyamourous, although currently it’s flat calm. I’ve had some turbulence in the last few months in this area, and I’ve given my second king his freedom, who became a dad with another young woman. I advocate that everyone accept themselves as they are and stop lying to each other.

I live, rather I live, with a small feline family of 6 members, led by a master’s hand by a small hairball with a well-tempered character, Mimine. I am a slave to their purring, to their hugs. They will come to take control of this blog regularly. They have things to say to us, to claim.

Welcome to my world…