They don’t take us by moment for stupid ???

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In case you need new evidence that the crap is constantly pushing its limits, so take a look at this, recorded on job notices! Wouldn’t they take us a little bit for idiots?

On a DOVE soap:
“Use as a normal soap”
(That is to say?)

On a Tesco’s tiramisu:
“To consume before.. see below”, and below, right next to the consumption deadline: “Do not return”
(Too late, I spilled everything?)

On a Marks & Spencer pudding:
“The product will be hot after being warmed up”
(if you hadn’t said it…!)

On the package of an iron ROWENTA:
“Do not iron clothes on the body”
(Yet it would save quite a lot of time, wouldn’t it?)

On a sleeping pill Nytol:
“Warning this product can lead to a state of drowsiness”
(And I take it why, remind me?)

On a hair dryer SEARS: We can read
“Do not use while sleeping”
(No comment)

On a bag of FRITOS:
“Great competition, many prizes. Free without obligation to purchase. “Details inside the package”
(Special contest for chunks!?)

On a syrup for children’s cough:
“Do not drive or use machine tools after absorption”
(I think we could significantly reduce the accident rate on construction sites if we were able to reduce the number of 5-year-olds driving a backhoe while they are sick!)

On most Christmas lights:
“For indoor and outdoor use only”
(Yes, but compared to what?)

On a Japanese food processor:
“Not to be used for any other purpose”
(Now you’re gonna have to help me with this one. Because frankly I’m pretty dubitative…?)

On a packet of Sainsbury peanuts:
“Warning: contains peanuts”
(No! … serious?)

On a pack of American Airlines appetizer cookies: “Instructions: 1. Open package. 2. Eat biscuit (Me, Tarzan. You, Jane. We travel with Virgin Express!! )

And best for the end: On a Swedish chainsaw:
“Do not try to stop the chain with hands or genitals”
(Because there have been many cases??? )
If it’s not a translation mistake, they are sweeping these swedes

If you have others, I’m a taker.


La Puce

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