Friendship Stronger than Love

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Everyone has their own definition of friendship, as well as the importance it gives to it. Some of my friends would say that in this area, I can be excessive, invasive… as always. It’s part of my charm! The different vagaries of life have shown me that friends (the true, the sincere) remain by your side, even when you are in the wall or at the bottom of the abyss. They show themselves honestly on every occasion, even if they say to you when you derail completely. They don’t hesitate to pull your shoulder straps up to help you overcome your difficulties or wait patiently until your blood stroke or tear attack has passed.

Until my university studies, my lonely nature led me to think that you could manage in life without anyone by her side. At that time, my relationships consisted of a comforting shoulder or an ear available to those who needed it. Little relationships. I didn’t expect anything else, because I thought real friendships existed only in TV shows.

Then, as I set foot on my campus, I met the one who was going to help me grow up, become who I am: “my big brother.” To feel good, I need to know he’s okay. Even if we no longer live under the same roof, sometimes not on the same continent, we are constantly watching each other, and this has been going on for more than 20 years. A real, friendly love at first sight has bound us forever. Between us, it worked right away. We were friendly soul mates.

We love each other deeply and we do not need to tell each other to find out. We know how to read each other as in an open book, we do not need to talk to each other to understand each other, just a look is enough. One can laugh at a trifle without our entourage understanding our sudden hilarity and it is impossible for us to explain to them without leaving for long and tortuous explanations. He and I are forming an old couple who are missing having a roll around (although I know all their sex life under the pretext of making my education). If I lost him, I don’t know how I could live without him.

We lived for many years in a roommate with other comrades. You will be able to discover in a few weeks our adventures in my novel Rather Be. My life with these gentlemen helped me get out of childhood and made me realize that all the encounters even stealth affects us. Some have a great influence on our existence while others just pass as quickly as a morning breeze, but help us to follow the right path at a crucial time.

For me, long-time friends, those who accompany you in good and bad times are the most important, because I love them as strong as my teddy bears. I can count them on the fingers of my hand and for each of them I had a friendly love at first sight. They’ve all changed me a lot, even though they’re not necessarily aware of it. They know I could move the mountains for them. All they have to do is call me so I can come in… I know some who have to smile reading these words and remember some night calls. Even though I like to sleep, my friends are more important than Morpheus.

But for my older brother, it’s even stronger. He loves me unconditionally, even when I’m in a bad mood. He agrees to use me as a punching ball in silence, when he feels that I am on the brink of the explosion and that I have contained things in me for too long. I cherish this friendship because it is vital to me. He had no obligation to love me, but he chose to do so without me knowing the reasons for it and I am grateful to him for it.

I know that when you read this text, you’re gonna hate me, but that’s how it is. In general, we say things to each other with a lot of modesty. In our entourage, few know how much we love each other, of this friendship so pure, so peculiar. I needed everyone to know. You also needed to know that these months spent away from you made me understand how important you are to me. I sink when we spend too much time away from each other. You’ve become my landmark over time. So I want to take advantage of this blog to thank you for being there in the good and bad times. I want to say thank you for being in my life and tell you how much you mean to me. In life, we all need someone we can count on, and for me, that person is you.

Thank you for making me better by letting me know my mistakes very kindly. Thank you for supporting me in my decisions, even if you don’t necessarily agree with me and it’s not the one you would have chosen. Thank you for wanting the best for me and always keeping that intention in mind, when you explain to me what you think of me, with your positive and encouraging reviews.

Thank you for loving me as I am, without ever wanting to change me. You understand my love for quiet little evenings at home with a good show and a hamburger, for my curiosity about the world around me or for the fact that I’m still a little girl who lives in a world of  the Care Bears. Thank you for noticing as soon as I’m not well. Thank you for noticing my heartfelt moods. Thank you for giving me the support I need when it’s not okay. Thank you for taking the time to reorganize your schedule for our long phone exchanges, our duo getaways.

Thank you for the trust and the confidences we exchange. Talking about business, contracts, our lives between two continents without judgment or competition is precious. Since we met, you have been more than perfect, you are the best and your son can be proud to walk in your footsteps. In life, we all need someone we can count on, and for me, that person is you.

Our life discussions are vital to me. You know me better than anybody, and your pseudo-mistakes inspire me. Believe me, you can be proud of yourself. Anyway, I am. Through the various trials we have gone through hand in hand, I know that our friendship is unique. You took the time to understand me, to listen to me. You know what an ordeal I’ve gone through. You’re standing by my side, in case I need it, because you know how to comfort me, calm me down.

You pay attention to me, and I look after you too. I have to admit, I often find myself wondering what I did to deserve you. You arrived at the right moment of my life, and you made yourself a place with me, my life, my heart. We don’t know where we’ll be in 10, 20 or 30 years, but today we’re inseparable for better and worse.

I love you, my dear big brother.


La Puce

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