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Welcome to version 2.0 of the website La Plume de la Puce (The diary of La Puce).

During my move, the writings of the old site were inadvertently eliminated and since the shoemaker is the most badly worn, and no one had thought to save the different posts of this site… It doesn’t matter, it gives me the opportunity to start from a blank page and recreate a new place more friendly and above all more interactive with you. This remains my diary, where I would communicate my moods, my astonishment according to my trips so that you did not worry and I did not have a thousand identical emails to write.

In recent months, a lot of changes have occurred in my life, but let’s not reveal everything in this first post. I still live between two countries, although because of confinement, I still live in Europe. My office (virtual at this moment) is eternally the office of crying and confidences. Around a chocolate, I still collect your heartache, your adventures under the duvet … and you never disappoint me about it. I love you so, so don’t change…

As you can notice, the sections, which you enjoyed, are still there and they will be joined by little news according to my moods, my desires. The only one that has evolved is Mimine’s paw, since the family grew with Mimine’s children. Patapouf, Spider, Buddha, Petit Bonhomme, Athena, Olympus (known as Pupuce) and Pitchoune will regularly feed this page with their adventures.


La Puce


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