Instructions for use of MAN

To repair broken hearts, to give you a smile and above all to your good mood, ladies, Dr. Cupid, who I am, will only prescribe one medicine, one man.

Read this leaflet carefully because it contains important information.
β€” this medicinal product may also be prescribed without consultation or prescription of a doctor. Persistence of symptoms requires a friendly medical opinion. Keep this leaflet carefully, you may need to read it every time a man uses it.

Man is recommended for all women in general. This drug is especially effective in the following pathologies:
– discouragement,
– anxiety,
– irritability,
– insomnia (particularly effective… A small galipette helps to find the land of dreams.)
– celibacy

In what case can not you use this drug
β€” If you are installed in an exclusive monogamous couple.
β€” If you are allergic to humans, prolonged use of poor quality humans can cause allergic reactions.

Use this medicine only in case of absolute necessity, as soon as one of the pathologies is felt too much, do not wait too long and act quickly.


Bones, water, muscle tissues, organic tissues whose heart and a wonderful little soldier, trace elements, vitamins…


Hummmm, there it depends on your tastes, the leaflet does not give any details πŸ™‚. Everyone can find their happiness. There are several types depending on your needs and tastes: Mini, Midi, Maxi Mega or Super Plus-Plus.

Its use is strongly discouraged immediately after a well-watered meal. Also avoid any use during a football match or other passion of men, the capabilities of the drug may be less optimal.

The man is suitable for any outdoor or indoor use, depending on your needs and fantasies.


To be abused without moderation. Spacing as much as possible to avoid overdose. You should use this medicine as many times as necessary (not exceeding 6 doses per day), you can take the man throughout the day at your convenience both in the morning, in the evening, or even at noon or at the time of a nap.

Use at the first symptoms, at least once a day. The duration of treatment may vary depending on the needs of each individual, it depends on the crisis to be cured.

If symptoms persist, increase the dose without fear or risk of addiction. After a few weeks, without any improvement in your condition, the persistence of symptoms requires you to take a friendly medical opinion before simply changing your medication.


β€” Happiness to Extrance
β€” Loving feeling
β€” Joy, laughter, well being out of control
β€” long-term physical relaxation


This medicine may cause excessive use of this medicine in some people more or less troublesome effects:
β€” pain in the hips, abdominal pain
β€” burns in the pelvic area
β€” chronic fatigue, drowsiness, dizziness
β€” allergic reactions (rash, severe allergic shock, urticaria, vomiting…)

Some sprains, contractures, injuries can also be sustained in case of excessive Kamasutra practice.

In case of overdose, baths, rest are recommended before resuming human use.

Inappropriate use of man, can lead to unwanted pregnancies, STDs.

At the end of the treatment, this treatment may cause side effects in some people:
β€” weight gain in case of emotional distress
β€” reddened eyes and awful mine in the event of a temporary crisis of tears
β€” nerve attacks in certain extreme cases
β€” hysteria or excess jealousy
β€” disputes


The lot number and date of manufacture shall be entered on the identity card. Take care to check!


Keep out of reach of friends, sisters, stepmothers, cousins etc… in short, anyone with the same attributes as you.

Handling with care, a man remains under their shell a fragile being with a small heart, so take great care of it.

There are a few counterfeits. The use of counterfeit medicine may aggravate symptoms and worsen the situation.


Good recovery to all of you!!!


La Puce