I find that for some time social networks (especially Twitter) have become a vast hunting ground for sex-thirsty people… Why not tell me? Quite, but not in a lie!

For my part, I assume the person I am with my qualities and flaws. When I am asked to describe myself, I always say that I am a nice little whale, curious, polyamorous, fully invested in her job… So I already hear G. grabbing in front of her screen reading my previous words. Yes, I know I don’t look like a little whale since I managed to lose my 20 pounds, but that’s how I see myself again…

To return to our topic of the day, I reappeared on the networks to energize my social relations. Open in nature, I like to meet new people, because all her encounters enrich me, but I don’t necessarily want to sleep with everyone. If you’re open to discussion, you can get to know nice people online! For me, friendship is very important, because friends are always there in the hard blows of life. I also fully assume my adoration for the performances in bed, but I never confuse friendship with love.

But as soon as men see the term polyamorous in my social media profile, they think it’s open-bar. Well, no!!! Polyamorous is not synonymous with nymphomaniac, nor a bride-diaper yourself… I am someone who needs to know each other to abandon themselves under a duvet, so lies, dungeons are rehibitory things to maintain even a simple friendship relationship. Besides, I love reciprocity in everything I do. But these clear rules are hard for some to assimilate… and I don’t count the number of unsolicited photos received. I could open a gallery.

On social networks, I met some colorful characters who made me question deeply about my relationships with others and understand that I sometimes lived in a world of Kissounours. For them, the Internet is akin to an inexhaustible “candy shop”. They don’t want anything serious, conversations stop overnight without explanation. They go from one girl to another until they find what they’re looking for or get caught by their partner.

In the first days of my return to social networks, I met a friendly man. The current passed between us right away. We could spend hours chatting. He brought me some wisdom (which earned him the sweet nickname Buddha) at the time of the great turbulence of my existence, and I quickly realized that he was experiencing some difficulties within his couple. So, he would search the networks for what he no longer found at home, going so far as to lie about his age, his first name to better separate his virtual life from his real life. His many trips allowed him to confide in me (yes, I like to be the confidante) and we became virtual “lovers” (long live the connected toys). But from the moment he was afraid of being exposed by his wife (or the fear that it would become too serious between us), he broke the mooring overnight. He just disappeared, the kids would say he ghostted me.

Then I met a teddy bear who assured me that his heart was locked as a result of his different relationships. I was trying to understand this padlock, but it was still mysterious, not inclined to bloom. According to him, he was only looking for a “sex friend.” At the time, in full separation, I thought why not, I had considered the matter seriously, but it was not really what I wanted in my hive and I discovered that this teddy bear ran several hares at once, but especially that a few weeks after we met, he was getting into a couple with a woman he promised to be her refuge for years… I suffered from being mistaken for a conch, but it allowed me to grow up. I’ve always kept my promises against him, unlike him. He allowed me to understand that men are capable of anything to get your ass…

Then I met a nice boy to whom I cheered up throughout the confinement. Nothing ambiguous between us and it perfectly suited me. As soon as he got out of his house, he disappeared… Relationships, which are not enshrined in real life, fade as quickly as they appeared.

Then I met a nice boy to whom I cheered up throughout the confinement. Nothing ambiguous between us and it perfectly suited me. As soon as he got out of his house, he disappeared… Relationships, which are not enshrined in real life, fade as quickly as they appeared.

Finally, I met Tranquillou, an adorable ray of sunshine. With him, things are clear. He doesn’t want any fasteners, he likes to be a free electron of your duvets, ladies, but you won’t pass the rope to his neck. We have become so friendly that I am paying tribute to him in my second novel, which is currently being written. Older than me, he brings me a breath of oxygen by telling me all his crushes, his little stories. I love being his confidante, as he is mine. He always finds a positive side to the vagaries of life. He takes everything with a smile. What I appreciate about him is his uninhibited attitude on his performances in bed. He fully assumes himself and it’s nice.

So, gentlemen, you want infidelity, make sure you and stop lying. If the rules are clear from the start, you will be able to live beautiful experiences. In addition, some will not refuse to mess with you under a duvet even if they know you’re married. For my part, it’s always after your wife’s agreement.

As my different experiences prove, infidelity is still relevant. Social networks have made it easier in a certain way. More than 33% of respondents in a recent study on cyberinfidelity reported having experienced emotional infidelity through the Internet (read: online flirting behind their partner), and 17.3% acknowledged having had sex with a partner other than their spouse on the Web. Stop making yourself stomach ulcers, accept as you are, confess everything and you will feel much better. Because, if the Internet simplifies life to deceive one’s half, it also increases the risk of being screwed up: for example, it is enough to make public the details of an infidelity, to be tagged in an embarrassing situation, or to receive a tweet from an ex-lover who would have found you online…

I miss the USA for that. I know the love life of my colleagues, because our conversation topics during our coffee breaks quickly revolve around our romantic relationships, our legs in the air… and they’re a gold mine for my blog. Come on, tomorrow, everyone on Skype or WhatsApp to tell me all the little stories I missed when I was confined to Europe.


La Puce

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