La Plume de la Puce


As you know, I am not a woman of numbers, whom I have been delegating to my entourage for years. A thought for the boss (peace to his soul) who was in charge of calm me in this area on some projects. It was not uncommon for me to come into the office with an idea, royally ignoring the business plan… It was up to my directors (who are friends too) to make it fit into budgets and negotiate extensions with investors…


When I made the decision this year to retire because of many problems with my investors, the various turbulence in my hive and the onset of depression, I think the accountant jumped to the ceiling when I announced my retirement. I can imagine him opening a good bottle and dancing in his office and thinking that he was finally going to have a holiday, and especially not having to tear his hair off so that everything fits in his little lines…


That was before containment…


A few weeks locked between four walls with a dozen cats made me understand that I am unable to sit quietly on my couch watching television (by the way, G., French programs are desperate of nonsense and I have exhausted Netflix and Amazon Prime).


Patoune Éditions’s idea had been in the drawers for months. Initially, it was just about managing my publications, a peaceful thing. Then the project gained momentum without I really wanted it and a team set up to ensure the development of Patoune Éditions into a real publishing house on both sides of the Atlantic. And then the question of my trustee (accountant) came up. I felt all his concern during his call. Hardly the greetings made, his question was who was going to handle this (implying the accounts). And my answer was simple: “Well, you…”. His smile immediately fainted, even on the phone, I saw him.


During the few months of containment, I started writing an encyclopedia about beauty pageants, and a new project sprouted in my head… Decomposition of my accountant and team when I exposed my idea to them… I know they all had the desire to murder me at that time, but they should be used now, because they have been working with me for years.


And yesterday, when my trustee received the papers from my lawyers, his cravings for murder against me were reinforced. Indeed, I had omitted (quite involuntarily, I assure you) to warn him that I only sold my European shares, keeping my American companies. I think that as he read, the sky fell on his head… He tried to convince me that I could live quietly without having to work, but that’s impossible. I’m bored if I don’t stimulate my constantly rotating brain. I have nothing to do with it if my neurons need to think to make me feel good.


After a rather sterile discussion, he realized that our collaboration would continue for his greatest happiness and that our crazy conversations would resume soon. Imagine two people each speaking a different language and encamping on their positions, and well, it’s us … and when the jet lag comes into play, it’s a fireworks display. A very deaf language and our decoder and referee left in the stars a few months ago. We’re gonna have to find a lot of land to get along…


I have two plans in mind, but I think I’ll wait until he digests my pseudo-retirement before I warn him unless someone takes care of me … A volunteer?


As you can see, I don’t change…




La Puce

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