Today, I want to talk to you about my baby, Rather Be. Some have heard about it for months (see a year for the most faithful…), but without really knowing what I was talking about. So, let’s lift the veil…

Rather Be is my first novel. You should know that I never had the pretension of becoming an author. I write for my pleasure and this blog was originally created to keep my friends informed during my many trips and avoid repetitive emails. Certainly, some publishers have used my pen for a few professional books, but writing in an area of expertise has nothing to do with writing a novel.

But then, will you tell me, why do I get into this novel?

The story is relatively simple. At a French publisher, I met a collection manager who became a friend, Elsa. Over time, we have exchanged on different topics. While I had to send him the outline of a book, I got the wrong document. Betrayed by technique or by my fatigue… Your choice!!! No, Mitch, it’s not a revealing slip.

The draft of Rather Be then landed in his mailbox. It belonged to these writings that I kept in the depths of my files on my computer. I realized my mistake when Elsa called me and wondered why I didn’t finish it and then get it published. This was never my intention, since this writing was too personal to interest anyone in my opinion and especially for fear of exposing me so much. I like my anonymity and live in the backstages of society. This brings me a certain comfort of life to which I am attached as being the confidant of my entourage (and it is not Tigger who will tell me otherwise).

Well, this was not counting on Elsa’s determination, who, without warning, presented the manuscript to two publishers, who welcomed it with great enthusiasm. On Elsa’s advice, knowing my minister’s schedule, they asked me to finish it in order to have the entire volumes before launching the collection, which I did. In three months, this draft of about ten pages became a manuscript of 1500 pages.

Elsa served me as a reader as I progressed and in front of the number of pages, she advised me to divide it into several volumes. Eight volumes were created. Upon receiving the contracts, some disputes arose. It was difficult for me to let this baby go without getting some control over what he was going to become… Elsa suggested to me to create our own structure…

After many discussions, mature reflections during a greater analysis of my future, I threw myself into the adventure, accompanied by Elsa. Patoune Éditions was born. We had to create everything from a blank page, but what an interesting challenge!!!! Finding a diffuser was a real journey for the fighter, except on the other side of the Atlantic. And the pandemic has arrived…

Patoune became an American after a short time in Belgium, which delayed the launch of our various books. On the advice of our US broadcaster, Rather Be underwent some modifications so that a ninth volume could be created. It was hard to put an end to this novel, in which I have invested a lot. But, I am pleased to announce that pre-orders for Rather Be will be open on December 15th…

What’s Rather Be talking about?

Back cover will do it better than me.

“When I set foot on American soil, I was thirsty for knowledge, but above all for freedom. Of a lonely nature and a bit of a stop, I faced a life for which I was not prepared. My meeting with my friends allowed me to grow up, to become a fully-flourished and open-minded young woman. The boys served as a guide and for no apparent reason, we formed a family of heart, bound forever by feelings of very blurred limits, and often misunderstood by those around us.

As I read my diary back in the years, I realize that we were a skillful balance of five very disparate personalities. By merging, we formed a nucleus, which was called the family, perfectly sealed to others. What I took for jealousy on the part of some was probably an incomprehension of how we operate, so much so we were intertwined with each other’s existence, without actually realizing it.

By telling our story from within, to you who always ask you so many questions about us, I think you can finally understand what linked us as this text by Pierre Ebert perfectly illustrates it.

Friendship is… a special relationship you have with one or more people.

Friendship is… a chemistry that generates the beginning of a relationship between one or more people with the same affinities.

Friendship is… feelings, affection, emotions and tenderness, sometimes soft or strong that two people can have for each other.

Friendship is… a mutual complicity of exchanges and sharing of all kinds with a person or persons.

Friendship is… attachment and a lot of consideration for one or more people.

Friendship is also… a Gateway to Love and Sexuality.

Friendship is… a friend who can come to tell at any time about his joys, his sorrows and his troubles.

It’s up to you to judge…“


Don’t look for the book until it’s published. Two of them have read it in its entirety… I thank Elsa for accompanying me during this difficult childbirth and to Séverine for her returns. Everyone else who says they read it is lying to you… the final manuscript is warm at Patoune’s, and nobody outside Elsa and I have access to it.

A little patience, it will soon be on your bedside table, friends.


La Puce



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