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The office of tears resumed in a virtual way due to the pandemic. By the way, I want to thank Skype et al. (my trustee also thanks you) for allowing me not to live and work like a hermit. Without them, I would practically only talk to my cats. As you know, I am quite free on the subject of frolics, insisting a lot on the fact that everything must be done with respect for others…

In my American companies, I like to believe that we are a real family. At least, I do everything to make everyone feel comfortable (a little too much according to some…) We support each other under all circumstances and they know that my door will always be open to them. I’m yelling right now, but I’m not resentful. I always give second chances (see third or fourth…) when I feel that this is not intentional and that remorse is sincere. Nobody’s perfect. Me, the first!!!

But there’s one thing that makes me angry like this morning is that all their problems, their frolics come to disrupt my good walk and the good understanding of our family … and today it is. I’m out of myself and I haven’t swallowed my morning chocolate yet. As everyone knows, the first thing I do when I get up, after feeding my tawns, is to read the e-mails while waiting for my breakfast to be made or for me to be prepared (it depends on whom I live with). My blood only went a trick when I came across an incendiary e-mail from one of your wives. I sympathize with her pain to learn that her man is cheating on her, but I do not see why I am responsible for it … and I am by no means pushing ball to shed her grudges… I am just a soldier on which you can rest to catch your breath and I am also an ear to spread you or seek advice… ONLY THIS.

To this young woman, I have only one thing to say, I am not the mom of these gentlemen and I am not going to tuck them individually every night when they are on the road to make sure they sleep alone… They are adults who have to assume that they are and the consequences of their misdemeanors. If a penknife hit was in your contract with your man, I can only see the discussion to correct it. Then do your introspection too, because if your man has been to see elsewhere, it’s because your couple is not as strong as you think or that gentleman aspires to things that you don’t bring to him anymore or not…

Then I’m not going to change his position to please you, because he’s one of the best. I’m not going to deprive myself of his skills for your pleasure. Then I’m not gonna have sex him for your peace of mind either. I want you to know that I make the following deal with each of them: “What happens at work, stays at work,” and I care very much about it?

That little e-mail would have made me smile if I hadn’t found out that one of the boys had been drowned with this lady. And for me, it’s UNACCEPTABLE… Our work requires us to trust each other in all circumstances. So, going to tell the frolics of one of them to his official is tantamount to betraying that trust. How are you going to be able to work together knowing that he can go and bring everything back? IMPOSSIBLE.

We are a family, in which trust is a paramount pillar. I refuse to lose our harmony because of a guy who can’t keep his tongue. Besides, who are we to judge someone’s behavior? I learned to respect everyone as long as it didn’t affect my life. My older brother could confirm that, I am a grave, even though I may have a moralizing side at times. I keep quiet because I feel that everyone has the right to live as they want, but I cannot help but make a few remarks if the attitude shocks my values. I do them directly to the person and under no circumstances do I go through intermediaries to settle accounts or other things. We have to assume ourselves as we are and accept the consequences of our actions. No one has the right to come and moralize us or get us into a box, except a perfect being. But, I reassure you, this does not exist and we all have defects more or less well hidden.

So, gentlemen and ladies, please, assume yourself as you are and make your life easier by being honest about your desires. If that’s not possible, make sure that it doesn’t go through the office doors… Because thanks to one of you, I’m not in the mood today… Don’t come to tickle me too close… To a good hearing!!! It’ll be better tomorrow.


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